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A New Horizon for Atik Cameras

Atik Cameras utilise their success with CCD cameras to develop an exceptional 16MP CMOS camera – the Atik Horizon

Atik Cameras are releasing their first camera with a CMOS sensor, the Atik Horizon. It’s a strong step forwards for the company, combining exceptionally low read noise with high read speeds and a high megapixel count, all at an affordable price.

With a 3.8m pixel size, the Horizon is a great match for shorter focal length telescopes and camera lenses. This in turn provides exceptional fields of view and makes it a perfect step for those looking to create stunning vistas of the deep sky, or upgrade from a DSLR. The 16MP 4/3” chip helps prevent any “sensor size shock” some users can face when moving to CCD sensors, while the monochrome version brings the world of narrowband and LRGB imaging to the CMOS market.


The Horizon is fully compatible with Atik Cameras’ highly acclaimed Infinity live-stacking software, opening up the world of near-real time imaging. The simplicity of the Infinity software creates a fluid and friendly user experience, removing the steep learning curve many face when getting started in deep-sky imaging. But that simplicity doesn’t come at the cost of control. There is a powerful engine behind the software that keeps that keeps the user at the centre of the experience.

The Horizon also comes with Atik’s own Artemis Capture for astrophotography and a full ASCOM driver for compatibility with all major third party software.

Behind the scenes, the camera uses a 256mb DDR3 image buffer to help keep the high read speeds under control and remove any amp glow or other artefacts that may be caused by data transferring over USB2. A cooling delta of 40°C below ambient sees a marked improvement of their renowned 4-Series design, while maintaining a cylindrical case suitable for HyperStar systems from 8”.

Atik Cameras are already taking pre-orders for the Horizon and delivery is set to begin towards the end of November 2017. After the positive response to their Beta tests it looks to be an exciting camera that could shake up the world of deep sky CMOS astrophotography.