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Venus, Approx. 62,520,624 km Revue 1000x114 (built in barlow) (manual tracking) Logitech c270 (Moon filter) Sharp cap, PIPP, Autostakkert, Ps Cs6 Athens















Image by Vasilis Misirlis

venus 17021719_10212146716853148_1989681443787041718_n



Observation of Saturn since 6 years (2012-2017)


Gradual tilt of Saturn revealing rings facing towards Earth can be better seen by yearly images comparison like this.


See more details about tilting of Saturn rings here -


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Images by Abhijit Juvekar




Saturn in dawn skies.


Not bad for a 5X barlow I guess. What say?


ZWO ASI120MC-S on OPT 5X Barlow Sky-watcher 10 inch Dobsonian with Equatorial Platform tracking.


5 Mar 2017






Image by Abhijit Juvekar