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Trius SX-56 full-frame camera

Trius SX-56


The SX-56 is a large area full-frame CCD camera with a 16.7 megapixel sensor. It utilises the popular KAF-16803 sensor, which has a square format array of 36.8 x 36.8 mm, 9uM square pixels. The use of a full frame chip requires a mechanical shutter and so SX have developed a custom 'roller blind' assembly that uses mini stepper motors to provide an extremely uniform shutter action.

The SX-56 incorporates many special features that improve on some other KAF-16803 based products:


1) A multi-coated synthetic sapphire input window. The extremely high thermal conductivity of sapphire (about 25x better than glass) eliminates the need for a window heater, by conducting waste heat from the camera body to the entire window surface. Dewing of the window is extremely unlikely to occur, even with maximum CCD cooling.


2) A stepper driven roller blind shutter with extremely uniform illumination of the sensor, even at 0.1 seconds exposure time. The shutter is designed for robust long-term use, but is also very easy to service or replace, if necessary.


3) A compact, dry argon filled CCD chamber, with O ring sealing. No desiccant to regularly replace. The window is easy to clean with an air duster or soft cloth.


4) Built-in LED flood illuminator for RBI elimination (trapped electrons from previous images).


5) Fast image download time - approximately 6.5 seconds for a full 16.7 megapixel image.


6) A three stage Peltier cooler to give better than -45C below ambient, with an efficient temperature controller to keep power consumption to less than 2 amps at 12v DC.


7) Standard 'Trius' 3 port USB 2 hub built-in.


8) A compact overall size of 136 mm square and 70 mm deep (+ handles). Only 1.7 Kg total weight.


Camera performance:


  • Active area                                                    36.8 x 36.8 mm


  • Number of pixels:                                          4096 x 4096


  • Pixel size:                                                      9.0 x 9.0 uM


  • Read noise:                                                   9e typical


  • Full well capacity:                                          Approx. 100,000e


  • Peak QE:                                                      Approx. 58% at 530nM


  • Camera gain:                                                1.5e / ADU